about Paul Pierre

I am not a professional fanatic, but a real creator of atmosphere…

or how passion, an eye for beauty and eye-catching artistic talents

shape Paul Pierre’s intense life and work.


Dream, dare, do.


Even at a young age he already had a feeling for beautiful things and his know-how was further enhanced during his interior design studies at the Antwerp Art Academy, followed by a specialised training as a floral arranger in the Netherlands and work placements with famous flower shops home and abroad. This is how Paul Pierre became a floral designer, loved for his unique flower creations for weddings and events. In addition, he also works as an international stylist for companies and large businesses.

However, Paul Pierre is much more than a floral designer. He also organises wedding parties and events taking care of the entire project: from decorating the venue to planning even the smallest details, always assisted by a professional and passionate team with years of experience.

As a real Bohemian who loves the good things in life he lets the world around him be an inspiration for his projects. His brain never stops, he calls it ‘lifework in evolution’.

Paul Pierre can handle any style taking into account his customer’s wishes and budget. He prefers to work with high-quality basic products which speak for themselves. His motto: “The sky is the limit or keep it simple, but the total concept must always be a perfect match.”

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